Sunday, March 7, 2010

DICE Panel and GDC Panel - Diversity and Race in Games

Been very hectic lately, but a couple of quick links. I recently was on a panel at DICE titled Games of Color, which was about the diversity (or lack thereof) of our in-game characters. It was a good, frank talk about the issues that games have right now and how we can improve them, and why it's a good idea from a creative and business sense. G4 has put up a video of the entire panel online, for your viewing pleasure (Yes, they accidentally got the names of Navid and I incorrect). There is also an interview with me in Develop on the subject.

This week is GDC and I'm on a panel there, titled What Color Is Your Hero? It's a similar panel, but not same one - we have new panelists and new questions. Our DICE talk concentrated more on the business aspects of the issue, and I'd like our GDC talk to concentrate more on the creative aspects. It's on Friday from 1:30-2:30 pm in the North Hall, so if you are going to be at GDC I hope you can stop by and hear and discuss this very important topic.

Proper blog posts will be coming shortly after GDC is over. I promise!