Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wolfenstein Released

I'm really happy to announce that Wolfenstein is now on store shelves in North America and should be slowly trickling onto store shelves worldwide over the next few days. The game has been a long time coming for us at Raven and we're very proud of the game at the end of the day. I hope you are able to find the time and money to pick up a copy of the game and check it out. It's a really fun shooter experience that I think any action fan will enjoy.

Big thanks to everyone who supported us during the development of this game, id for the awesome license and help, Activision for the support throughout the life of the project, Endrant for the multiplayer component, and all the Wolfenstein fans.

Like any game, Wolfenstein isn't perfect and we understand that. We're getting overall positive reviews so far and I'm sure reviews will continue to trickle in over the next couple weeks. So I'd love to hear what you love about the game and what you didn't love. I want to know what works and doesn't work for you as a gamer. This way we can learn some lessons and improve for our next game. You can add a comment to this thread or hit me up on on Twitter and I'll try to respond.

On to the next game!


  1. Real GJ! Gonna get the game asap!

  2. Just a little comment about the PC version. I'm sure you have heard this hundreds of times, but at least the menus have a "consolized" look to them that hurts quite a bit. Two simple changes would have fixed that (at least when using the mouse): remove the redundant/useless "[Enter] to select, [Esc] to go back" text, and make stuff single-clickable (instead of click to bring to front, then click again to activate - that doesn't make sense for a mouse-driven menu).

    Otherwise the game seems fine, not particularly excellent but solid nonetheless. Haven't played it to completion yet though, and haven't touched the MP, which I hear isn't as good.

  3. Wolfenstein sequel has finally arrived. The good old formula with WWII and occult is still working. It was worth to wait so long.

  4. Hey, I actually finished the game a while ago and wrote a review of it for my site, Sleeper Hit, but I just now found this post, so...

    I really liked playing it, I'm a complete sucker for RPG/upgrade mechanics in any kind of game, and that element is really what sold me. Didn't much care for the protagonist (I'm a fan of you guys' earlier heroes, like Kyle even the guy from Elite Force), but he was what he always had been. I liked a lot of the little things, like how guns would look a bit different after you upgraded them,and how those edies of Veil power looked. The setting in gneneral didn't do a ton for me, but I think I was engaged enough to see past my boredom with WW2 Europe. I definitely liked the town settings and rural settings more than the Castle and Factory ones though.

    That was long... Anyway, good luck with the next game!

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  6. haha, it is funny.

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