Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quick Update - Twitter, GLS, E3 and Release Dates

Haven't updated in a while so I wanted to throw a few quick notes out. First, I've joined the Twitter revolution, so those of you who are on Twitter please feel free to follow me @manveerheir. I'm going to try to keep the vast majority of my tweets to do with video gaming in some way. For those of you not on Twitter, why aren't you?

Second, I'm giving a talk on Designing Ethical Dilemmas at GLS 5.0 tomorrow. It's a fast-paced 6 minute 40 second Pecha Kucha style presentation. It's my first full game design talk and I'm really excited to be giving it. If everything goes well, I'll get a version of the talk up online. I'm also going to be expanding the talk a little and giving it at the Madison Chapter IGDA Meeting next month.

Third, I have some thoughts on E3 that I'm going to throw your way in the next couple days so stay tuned. You should hopefully start seeing a lot more blog posting from me very soon in general (I feel like I said that before). Why?

That brings me to my fourth and final point. Wolfenstein has an announced release date of August 4th, 2009. I'm really excited to let you play the game I've been working on the past four years with the guys and gals at Raven. We're finishing everything up now and soon it'll be in your hands for you to enjoy and criticize. Obviously, Wolfenstein is what's been taking up most my time lately, so almost being done is going to free up a lot of time.