Tuesday, June 16, 2009

E3 Games I Forgot To List

Wow, there were a couple omissions of games on that E3 list I threw together that I wanted to mention. No idea how I just missed mentioning these games, but I'm a little ashamed, I'll admit!

Mass Effect 2 - I really enjoyed the story and feel of the original Mass Effect. The cookie-cutter secondary missions I could have lived without. Mass Effect did a good job at times at making me consider what type of player I was trying to be and make choices wisely. The combat was decent, but not great. If they can fix that stuff, and keep the great epic feel (and get rid of the atrocious load-time elevators) the game will be a big win. It's "Looking Good".

The Last Guardian - Fumito Ueda is quickly becoming one of the best game director's in the business. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of the most beautiful, emotionally impactful, and fun games I've ever played. The Last Guardian looks to keep it up, with the same feeling of isolation and probable redemption. I've still never cried while playing a game, but I feel like this game could do me in with its beautiful looking gryphon-like creature. This is an absolute, must-have game. I don't know how I left this game off the original list - it is literally the game I am probably looking forward too the most.

No More Heroes 2 - This game was amazingly subversive on the Wii and I enjoyed it a great deal, for the most part. I loved the style, the humor, the commentary on games and America's fascination on Japanese culture. I did not enjoy the poorly implemented sandbox elements of the game, however. I've read some interpretations as that being part of the subversion of the game, standing the genre on its head and making people take a look at it - but the game was genuinely poor at these moments, so I think maybe the message was either overstated or a poor choice if that's the case. In any event, I think No More Heroes 2 will be fantastic and it's definitely also "Looking Good".

I think those were my only major omissions. Not sure how I feel about Splinter Cell: Conviction yet - though it does have potential.


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