Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leadership from the Trenches - Talk and Slides Available

I just got back from the IGDA Leadership Forum in San Francisco. There were a ton of inspirational and informative talks, as well as some really interesting people to me. I gave my talk the first day and have put up the full text and slides of the talk online for everyone to see. The text isn't formatted very well, it was just what I used for the purposes of speaking. So, if you attended the conference and wanted to go over a part of the talk or you are just interested in what I ended up talk about, check it out.

The IGDA will be posting video of all of the talks at some point, so when that happens, I'll post a link to the actual thing. Also, the talk was live blogged about, so a summary version exists here.

Thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks for the IGDA for putting on a great conference and inviting me out to speak.

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