Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brainy Gamer Podcast - Gamers Confab

Michael Abbott of The Brainy Gamer was kind enough to invite me on as a guest for his podcast recently. The podcast was the launch of the Gamers Confab, which will have rotating guests on his podcast talking about multiple topics based around our industry. There were two other guests, Brinstar and Matthew Gallant, and we had a good discussion about what games we're playing now, which games we're looking forward to, and the re-birth of classic gaming. It was a lot of fun, and if listening to talking heads is your sort of thing, you should definitely check it out.


  1. Listened to the first half hour or so on my way to work this morning. Enjoyed your contributions regarding PixelJunk Eden!

    Glad the podcast led me to discover a brand new source of games-related thinking.

  2. I love all the Blogs that Brainy Gamer is pointing me too. I will never be productive again! :D