Friday, August 1, 2008

Grimm Outlook For 64-Bit OSes

Today, GameTap and Spicy Horse launched the new episodic series American McGee's Grimm, with the first episode A Boy Learns What Fear Is. There are weekly episodes coming out, with 24 episodes planned total I believe. Currently, Telltale Games is the only major company succeeding with episodic gaming in my opinion (Sorry Valve, I don't count you). Sam & Max are amazing, and I can't wait for Strong Bad and Wallace & Gromit to come out.

Telltale employs the once a month release schedule with the Sam & Max series, with each game lasting three to four hours. Grimm is weekly and supposedly around an hour an episode. I was really curious if an hour is long enough for a game and how it would play. Does a game that short of length really impact the enjoyability of it? How does playing a new episode once a week feel, compared to watching weekly TV series? These are all questions I want to find the answer to first-hand.

Unfortunately, you can only get the game through GameTap and apparently they don't even let you download the thing if you have a 64-bit OS. Ugh. I have Vista 64 only at this point (Go ahead and make fun of me, I deserve it probably). This is so pathetic that a service as big as GameTap doesn't support 64-bit. As far as I can tell, there is no way to download the game and try to get it to run in emulation mode on your own either, which is frustrating. I don't need them to officially support it, but let me try to figure the problem out on my own. I do realize they are probably trying to avoid customer service issues and cost.

If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this issue, let me know in the comments. I still want to check the game out.


  1. Hi Manveer! I work for GameTap, so I can provide you some insight. The 64-bit OS restriction is the result of our game encryption partner - Grimm runs fine on a 64-bit OS by itself, but once encrypted, it (and every other PC game) will not currently run. Unfortunately there is no feasible alternative for our encryption services at the moment (they more or less have the monopoly), so there is very little we can do to fix the situation. Meanwhile, there is a standalone version of each episode of Grimm, and the first episode (A Boy Learns What Fear Is) is a free download, so you can at least try one episode!

  2. Frank, thanks for commenting. Where are the standalone downloads? I didn't see a way to download the game that wasn't through GameTap. I know with Sam & Max, it was available directly on Telltale's site, but I didn't see the same for Grimm.

    Let me know - thanks!

  3. Ah found it on TryGames!

    Excellent... I will have ot check it out shortly.