Friday, May 2, 2008

A PC Heretic

Re-reading my last post about whether or not I'm a PC Gamer, I realized I didn't clarify what I currently am. Just as there are Sony fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, and Microsoft fanboys, I was a PC fanboy. I had an elitist sense about me. PC games were better. Consoles were for idiots who couldn't handle real games. N'Gai Croal's reference to me as a heretic (tongue-in-cheek as it may have been) makes me want to make sure I clarify my position.

I am not now a console gamer. I am not a PC gamer. I am just a gamer. I hold no allegiance to platform. I usually end up buying 360 games over the PS3 version, but that's because of Xbox Live and they usually have less performance issues. Not because I think 360 is amazing and PS3 sucks. The same goes for the PC as a platform. I will continue to buy PC games when it is the best option. RTS games are a great example. I will continue to upgrade my computer. I love playing with hardware - it's geeky fun. It's costly, that's to be sure, but as people tweak their cars, I tweak my computer.

So, I don't consider myself a heretic. Rather, I consider myself enlightened. I now make the best gaming choice, rather than the blind choice. I cannot foresee me ever forsaking the PC. I also cannot foresee me having such blind loyalty to PC games either. Consoles have come too far to overcome many of the weaknesses that used to be the reasons I gravitated towards PC games.

Or maybe N'Gai is right and I am a damn heretic...

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