Thursday, April 24, 2008

Look Mom, I'm On Gamasutra!

Simon Carless, editor at Gamasutra and GameSetWatch, has decided to put up the Design Lesson Challenge series of posts I've been writing, onto both Gamasutra and GameSetWatch. This is very exciting for me, as it gives this blog some more exposure as well as helps me continue to formulate my thoughts and ideas on game design. I'm grateful for the opportunity and hope to meet everyone's expectations. Also, big thanks to everyone who reads these posts, has linked to them, and passed them along to others. Without you, this opportunity doesn't happen.

What does this mean for the posts on this blog? Well, first, the name of the posts are being changed to 'Design Lesson 101' to match what they are called on Gamasutra and GameSetWatch. Second, all 'Design Lesson 101' posts will be exclusive on those websites for 24 hours. I will post a link to them as soon as they go up and then cross-post it here after the 24 hours are up. All other blog posts will continue as normal. The posting schedule may not be right on Monday, as is the case right now. I will still be finishing a game in a week, until the first 10 weeks are up, and writing up the column, but it may be a couple days before it's posted. After the 10 weeks are up, I'll move to bi-weekly, as weekly is extremely tough to do.

You can read the column at Gamasutra or GameSetWatch (sister site).


  1. Congratulations, Manveer! This is terrific news and well-deserved. Gamasutra has some of the most thoughtful video game essays on the internet, and your design lessons series will be right at home among them.

    I look forward to your forthcoming essays.

  2. Thanks very much Michael! You've been personally very helpful with giving me some publicity on your blog, and I am very appreciative of that. This doesn't happen without people like you reading and passing things along. I really appreciate your support and help.

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