Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Second Skin

I just found this link to a documentary called Second Skin over at Level Up. Check out the trailer. It documents the lives of MMORPG players and the good and the bad that comes out of their interactions with games. There are people who are in-love and want to meet in the real world, a man who seems ready to kill himself, and all in between. I hadn't heard of this film before, but it looks like it could be a very good look at the positives and negatives from gaming, especially the kind that stems from MMORPGs. We could use more critical looks at gaming, and the negatives are included in that. I'm very interested as to what this film will show anecdotally, and what a book like Grand Theft Childhood will show empirically. I have a feeling that some gamers may be in for a shock. I just hope the film can treat the subject matter as unbiased as possible. King of Kong was a documentary for gamers; I hope Second Skin is a documentary for the masses.

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