Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gravitation and Stars Over Half Moon Bay

Many of you enjoyed Passage, which is great to hear. It looks like the creator of that game, Jason Rohrer, has put up his latest game called Gravitation. This game has the same pixel art style of Passage and lasts eight minutes. Check it out - I'll write up my thoughts on the game in a future post.

Also, those of you who are into these more meaningful games, should check out Rod Humble's work. Rod works at EA in his spare time and has put up two fantastic games so far. The Marriage was the first one. It simply was a representation of what he felt it was like to be in his marriage. He's also just released Stars Over Half Moon Bay. Rod's games are much more symbolic and difficult to decipher, which can be frustrating to some, but I encourage you to check them out and try to solve what you think they mean and how they affect you.

Check out these games and see how they affect or don't affect you. Spotted on Jonathan Blow's blog.

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