Friday, March 7, 2008

The Brainy Gamer Podcast

I recently came across a blog called The Brainy Gamer, dedicated to thoughtful conversation about video games. The blog is written by Michael Abbott, who is a member of academia. Michael delves into topics such as immersion in games, the role of the critic in the video game industry, and other looks at games from an intellectual point of view. His writing comes off as genuine and thoughtful, rather than snobbish (which is always a danger when intellectually discussing any topic). Michael was kind enough on his most recent podcast to give this blog a plug. For that, I am truly grateful. The podcast contained a very interesting interview with another blogger, where narrative and story in games were discussed in good detail. If you have enjoyed the beginnings of this blog, I highly recommend you check his blog out.

If you are a visitor from Michael's blog, I would like to welcome you to Design Rampage. I hope you enjoy the few topics I've written on so far, and please bookmark or subscribe to the page using your favorite RSS reader if you like what you read. I'm just getting started here and I hope to continue to have regular updates and thoughtful discussion on both practical game design topics as well as theoretical concepts and even the occasional rant.

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